Belief’s mission is to generate shared value through the development of sustainable business ventures based on opportunities in emerging economies.

Our aim is to provide high returns to our stakeholders, guided by the principle of shared value. Profitability is imperative to achieving both financial returns and social impact, and is our main order of business. Profit is the enabler for generating shared value, that is, positive social and reciprocal economic impact that can be directly attributed to our business activities.

Based on our conviction that well-governed and profitable business enterprise is the key driver for economic and social growth and development, we believe that there are great opportunities in developing responsible, profitable, high-impact business ventures in growing economies.

Belief’s ambition is to enable businesses and communities to grow and create mutual value, both as an initiator, facilitator, advisor and investor in business ventures. We employ our expertise to identify, fund, develop and grow sustainable businesses in conjunction with local partners, and team up with these on a project-by-project basis.
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Belief AS
PO Box 580, Sentrum
0105 Oslo
Tel: +47 22 83 82 83

Visiting Address: Nedre Slottsgate 11