Belief is convinced that African economies present considerable growth opportunities, and we aim to translate this optimism into actions aimed at creating profitable ventures together with partners on a project-by-project basis.

We approach the continent as 54 individual countries with a unique set of opportunities and threats, combined with an understanding of the growing importance of regional trade and co-operation and cross-border development corridors.

Belief Africa Network has broad-based experience working in both Scandinavian and African markets, and extends to local analysts and advisors to enable us to quickly identify and analyse the impact of new development and changes in the local context. 

We are in business to create a profit and to create wealth, but in order to succeed our partners should be committed to our shared value practices, where societal and environmental considerations are integral to business success. We strongly believe that the long term profitability and sustainability of our business go hand-in-hand with our ability to enable inclusive growth and increase wealth among all our stakeholders.

So far our ventures and projects has brought us to Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Cape Verde and Sierra Leone. If you have a project idea or are interested in exploring potential opportunities in African economies, please get in touch for an informal conversation on how Belief Africa Network could assist you.